Comfyist update: Prototyping toward perfection

By Anna Lardinois, Startup Storyteller

Comfyist founder, Amy Fallucca, is the portrait of perseverance.

When Fallucca launched her luxury clothing line in April 2021, the serial entrepreneur knew little about the business of fashion. Weary of wrestling athletic camis with removable bra cups that provided inadequate breast support, Fallucca set out to solve the problem.

Stoked by her passion for the project and spurred on by others who were frustrated with standard camis, Fallucca designed a novel cami with built in bra cups that could take the wearer from the boardroom to the basketball court- and everywhere in between.

She knew creating a new garment was going to be a difficult progress. And she knew it would take time. But she had no idea how long it would take.

MKEStartup.News has followed the creation of the cami tops from the design of the unique garment and into the prototyping process. During each leg of the journey Fallucca has shared the challenges presented by supply chain problems, labor shortages, and dealing with remote vendors.

Despite the many delays, Falucca remains hopeful that she will soon take delivery of her first batch of retail-ready camis.

Currently, the modifications to the prototype are focused on providing additional breast support for the wearer. When reflecting on this fifth round of prototypes, Fallucca notes that Bombas, a manufacturer of luxury socks, spent years creating hundreds of prototypes before perfecting the company’s famous socks.

There have been a few new wins since the last Comfyist update. Fallucca celebrated when she learned that Comfyist is now certified to use the TENCEL name when the camis hit store shelves. The lyocell fiber manufacturer only allows products that meet their criteria to bear the copyright protected name. The initial line of camis will be made of TENCEL fabric and come in colors black, mellow rose and nightfall blue.

It has been a difficult road, but Fallucca often reminds herself trail blazed by Spanx founder Sarah Blakely.

When Blakely launched Spanx in 2000, she faced many of the same challenges, including finding a small-run friendly manufacturer and struggling with the design process Fallucca is battling today. Spanx overcame the obstacles and today is an international company valued at $1.2 billion. Fallucca hopes to follow in Blakely’s well-heeled footsteps.

For now, Fallucca continues to work on perfecting the Comfyist prototypes. To maintain a connection with those who expressed interest in the luxury line, she is offering those who opt into marketing communications with the company discounts on future purchases. The company is also accepting preorders on the soon-to-be-released cami top.

To learn more about Comfyist, connect with the company here.  

The latest Comfyist prototype in the newly available Nightfall Blue color

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