Dinvy launches ‘Let’s Go Milwaukee’ program

By Anna Lardinois

Startup Storyteller

Dinvy is a Milwaukee startup that wants to help other startups thrive. The company has developed professional service automation (PSA) software designed to scale with growing companies while helping them establish methods for tracking time, budgets, resources, and everything else a successful startup business needs to manage.

The homegrown business to business provider is making a big splash in Milwaukee’s startup ecosystem by offering their product for free to local startups. Headed by SaaS veteran Dennis Casey, with Tim Schmitt and Amanda Stein, the trio of native Milwaukeeans wants to transform how startups run their businesses.

Dinvy was created after years of struggling with other PSA solutions that didn’t meet their needs. Schmitt, Director of Sales, recalls he and Casey “always thought that there was going to be a better way…So eventually, it was, ‘hey, let’s put our money where our mouths are. We’ve been upset and annoyed for 20 years.’ There are lots of companies out there that do PSA well, but there were shortcomings. And there’s always been this time tracking dilemma. If you talk to professional service agencies, they understand the pain that is time tracking.”

Another of this software’s key differentiators is that it collects the required information by “engaging people where they are,” said Schmitt. The product’s integration with multiple platforms, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack streamlines the data collection process – why have team members log onto yet another platform when they’re already actively collaborating online.”

Schmitt explains why Dinvy is targeting startups and small businesses “We are well priced, and we are a feature rich service that can really help enable small and startup businesses to create best practice right away, and effectively scale (as the business grows) to become a 50 or 100 person company. And we know that to be true because we actually (worked) with a company here in Milwaukee to test out our software and watched them scale to 80+ users”

The Dinvy team is passionate about supporting entrepreneurism in Milwaukee. The desire to foster startup success in the city is what led the company to give their SaaS product away to local businesses. Schmitt states, “if we’re making our philosophy to support Milwaukee and trying to support small businesses… (we thought) let’s actually specifically target small and growth businesses that are going to need our software…The philosophy is (that Divny is) going to be given away to the companies that need the help to create best practice in order to scale effectively. And then at the same time, we’ll be targeting larger paying customers. The part of that philosophy that we really embraced is propping up fellow businesses – people helping people. “

You can learn more about Divny’s Let’s Go Milwaukee program here

The Divny Team, from left Tim Schmitt, Amanda Stein and Dennis Casey

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