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A season of growth for 3PL Atomix Logistics

By Anna Lardinois, Startup Storyteller

Atomix Logistics is in growth mode.

Founded in 2020, Atomix Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) business operating a unique ecommerce fulfillment platform. Led by founder and CEO Austin Kreinz, the company has found early success by catering to clients that include new brands, and those with high-touch shipping requirements, whose needs are best met by a 3PL with a boutique approach.

In the last month, the company has launched its new app, made a number of key additions to their staff, and is finalizing plans to relocate to a new warehouse space, which will more than double its current footprint.

Kreinz attributes much of the company’s success to careful planning. “The initial foundation of a company is so important. To bring on those right people, to make sure you have the right structure processes and then you have to make the right decisions,” he said.

Atomix Logistics launched its new app in July. The beta product has been a hit with the customers currently using it. The app allows Atomix Logistics clients to track inventory and order fulfillment inside the warehouse of the 3PL business.

The concept behind the app is not a unique one, but the platform’s ease of use is a standout in the industry.

“We said ‘let’s make this for someone that doesn’t have a master’s degree in logistics that can use our software and run their warehouse. Our core principles are ease of use and simplicity because of a lot of the 3PL Software Solutions that I looked at, I looked at hundreds as I was exploring the ones to use, and I didn’t find one that was approachable and understood brand operators and new business owners,” Kreinz said.

Currently, the app is being rolled out to Atomix Logistics clients, but Kreinz has another future market in mind.

“We have architectured the software and built it in mind that we’re going to sell this as a software to other (3PL) companies or brands running their own warehouse. So essentially what we’re doing is saying, ‘hey, we do things unique here.’ We can’t have an out-of-the-box solution do this, but we know that in the future we want to sell this either directly to ecommerce brands to run their own warehouse, or we want to sell it to other warehouses that might want to have an easier software solution to manage and control their branded experience, he said.

Atomix Logistics has added eight staff members in the third quarter.

Kreinz was in charge of marketing for the startup until recently. The company now has two marketing team members.

“I think a lot of businesses undervalue the marketing aspect, because there’s really creative and smart ways that you can go about it to engineer what really resonates with people out there,” he said.

Atomix Logistics is exploring a number of ways to reach their customers. The new team has launched a TikTok page and has significantly increased the company’s social media content across all platforms. The goal is to send a message that will resonate with new and startup businesses that will use their boutique shipping services.

“We want it to be digestible. We want it to be partly fun, but we want to be witty. That just resonates with our customers. A lot of the growth in ecommerce is younger entrepreneurs coming up that are launching brands on social media platforms that are scaling,” he said.

Other additions to the team are a salesperson, warehouse staff, and a new warehouse manager.

“That’s a really fundamental piece to a business because they run the show in the warehouse,” Kreinz said. “The big thing for me is always around the culture aspect and ensuring that when we’re bringing in new managers, are they going to fit in? It was in the works for some time, trying to find the right person.”

The company plans to announce its new Milwaukee-area location before the close of the year. The new 50,000 square foot warehouse is twice the size of its current location and will allow Atomix Logistics to rapidly expand. Kreinz stated the headquarters for the growing company will always remain in Milwaukee.

Despite the rapid growth, Kreinz has no immediate plans to raise additional capital.

“We’ve been approached by investors quite a bit now. My philosophy has always been from the start that I want to prove that we can do it, and then I want to get us to $5 to $10 million in revenue, and then start thinking about that. I could run a bootstrapped business and I love it. I guess that’s my favorite part too, because the second you start bringing in other investors you’ve got to think about other people’s money.”

He intends to reconsider fundraising at the close of 2023.

For now, the company plans to continue to look at unique growth opportunities, including the development of mini-warehouses in strategic locations across the country.

“At the end of the day, Atomix was nothing more than an idea two years ago,” he said. “So, just bringing our growing team of 20 all together, trying to make something happen and trying to make a name for ourselves and Milwaukee. We care deeply about each other, have all made sacrifices and love the idea of taking Milwaukee to the next level, from a startup perspective.”

“I think that’s really important too because it’s not necessarily always just about us. Obviously, we want to be successful in everything we can, but it’s also great for the city. It’s not a massive market for startups, so if we can help lead and be a part of the next phase the city is going through, we want to be part of it as much as we can.”

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