Belling joins Geno.Me as CTO

By Anna Lardinois, Startup Storyteller

Shawn Belling has been named the Chief Technology Officer of health tech startup Geno.Me.

Founded by Britt Gottschalk, the new company has generated headlines since its launch in 2021. Geno.Me, which allows individuals to share their health data for use in medical research, was the first investment of the Milwaukee venture capital firm, Gateway Capital.

Shawn Belling is a well-known figure in the Wisconsin business community. The current Chief Information Officer of Madison Area Technical College is a noted expert in Agile software development and project management. Belling is the author of Succeeding with Agile Hybrids (2020) and Remotely Possible: Strategic Lessons and Tactical Best Practices for Remote Work (2021) and an acclaimed technology instructor in the UW System and beyond.

Belling is eager to join the startup that has garnered unicorn buzz. “I’ve been energized by the product,” he said. “Being in health tech space, the specifics of what this product is going to do to bring together individuals, genomic information, the potential to connect the electronic medical records and to put in place a scenario where individual contributors can monetize what is essentially their data, but also provide a really interesting platform for researchers in this space.”

Belling has served as a technology consultant for the company since 2021.

“I’ve been involved with product development technology and product delivery for a long time… What’s exciting to me at this moment is the chance to contribute to product development and growing the organization and growing the product…My belief in the product, in Britt as a founder and entrepreneur, the team that we have in place and with all humility, a bet on myself as someone who can be additive to what we have to grow,” Belling said.

Belling will fill the newly created CTO role in January. The current team is focused on key updates from the 1.0 public launch in September. “It is our intention to get into a quarterly release cycle,” he said. “By the end of Quarter 1 we’ll be ready to release some incremental improvements to the product that are really aligned with customer priorities.”

To follow the growth of Geno.Me, connect with them here.

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