Nourish Natural Products offers healing with heart

By Anna Lardinois, Startup Storyteller

Jamie Andrzejewski’s professional life was at a crossroads when a birthday gift for her then six-year-old daughter, Emma, led her into entrepreneurship.

Emma received a lip balm making kit from her uncle and she was eager to begin the project. The mother and daughter had a great time making the lip balm, but Jamie was concerned about the ingredients in the kit. Rather than have Emma use the balm filled with chemicals and preservatives, the pair restarted the project with all natural and organic ingredients.

Emma and Jamie were so impressed with the lip balm they created, they shared it with family and friends. It was an instant hit. Before long, the demand for the lip balm exceeded what could be produced in their kitchen.

Andrzejewski, who has a master’s degree in nutrition, made her own natural, organic health and beauty products for years. Based on the response to the lip balm, she sensed there was an appetite for all natural, organic products not being met by the market. Acting on this hunch, she introduced her network to the natural deodorant she creates for family use.

When fans of her lip balm tried the natural deodorant she concocted in her kitchen, she was flooded with requests for more products.

Andrzejewski knew she was onto something. That something became Nourish Natural Products.

Taking a leap of faith, the recently laid-off marketing executive decided to start her own natural wellness products business. She combined her professional experience with her knowledge of the human body and launched her company in 2018. The bootstrapped company has quickly grown into a seven-employee team supporting a 15-state sales territory.

Despite the company’s growth, Andrzejewski remains as committed to using high quality, natural products as she was when she and her daughter were making lip balm in their kitchen. Each item in the product line is still made by hand.

“For most of my life I’ve known that what you put on and around your body goes in your body,” she said. “Ingredients are incredibly important to us. We only source (essential oils) from three companies. These companies have incredible and vast certifications. They care about the farmers in the indigenous countries and their sustainability practices. They care that they’re ethically harvested, and about the conditions of the land where they’re harvested.”

“Everything we buy is third party tested,” she continued. “It’s incredibly high quality…I very much care about the quality of our products and I very much care that these (products) work for people. This isn’t just to make money. This is to help people feel better.”

Nourish Natural Products is committed to taking care of its customers’ bodies. CEO Andrzejewski is just as committed to taking care of its customers’ spirits.

The company rallies around the mantra “you matter,” and wants its customers to embrace self-love and self-care. In addition to product suggestions, the company shares wellness practices, clean food recipes, and other recommendations for living a healthful life.

“Our platform is to share (the idea) ‘you’re enough, just as you are’.  We don’t want to shame people or guilt people by saying ‘there’s something wrong with you, so you need our products.’  It’s not that at all. It is to help you feel good. You’re enough, just as you are. You’re perfect, just as you are,” she said.

The products, and the culture the company is building, resonates with its customers. 

Andrzejewski anticipates 2023 will be a year of growth for Nourish Natural Products. “This is the year I want to hit $1,000,000 in total lifetime sales. I want to expand our reach,” she said.

Her growth plans do not include external fundraising, at least not at this time. “I don’t have any immediate plans for that,” she said. “I have always loved the idea of working with local and regional retail partners. The relationships matter so much, and I love knowing every single person I work with and every single person who advocates on behalf of our brand.”

Andrzejewski’s star is also on the rise. Beyond her rapidly growing business and commitment to community building, the CEO will appear as a Guest Mogul on Season 7 of Project Pitch It. She appeared on season 5 of the show and found the experience very beneficial to the growth of Nourish Natural Products.

“I am so honored, and I had a blast participating. I hope to do more of that. It was so fun being on the other side because I participated two years ago, and it was an amazing experience that continues to give me opportunities. I was able to love and lift other entrepreneurs in the area, and it was incredibly rewarding,” she said.To learn more about Nourish Natural Products or view their online shop, connect with the company here.

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