Sensia Tech supports the business of medicine

By Anna Lardinois, Startup Storyteller

Dr. Andrew Seter launched the healthcare software company Sensia Tech in 2016- but the story of this Milwaukee-based tech startup began in 1996.

Seter, a physician who specializes in Occupational Medicine, determined early in his career that traditional medicine did not serve its business clients. “The dichotomy is that the businesses pay for the vast majority of healthcare,” he said. “Yet, healthcare is not designed with their best interests in mind.”

“A lot of the healthcare software systems are really designed to maximize billing and revenue,” Seter explained. “If you think about that, that’s not in the best interest of the employer or the employee. What Occupational Medicine does, at least in one aspect, is help employers really manage their overall general healthcare costs.”

Based on that understanding, Seter launched Sensia Healthcare in 1996 to serve corporate clients that provide their employees with healthcare. The company operated four standalone medical clinics that provided care for workplace injuries and other employer-related services, like physicals and drug testing. The company served hundreds of Milwaukee-area businesses before Seter exited the company in 2012.

Seter, still determined to serve corporate customers, spun out Sensia Wellness in 2012. His new company provided even more ease for employers by providing healthcare from onsite health clinics.

“Sensia Healthcare operated standalone urgent care clinics that people would have to come to. With Sensia Wellness, we brought healthcare to the employees. We set up and staffed medical clinics at the place of employment,” Seter said.

According to Seter, the arrangement benefited all involved. Employers paid a flat fee to staff the medical facilities, dramatically cutting down the cost associated with a doctor’s visit and employees received immediate medical attention without the challenges that often accompany trying to schedule a medical appointment.

During that time, the company developed a unique healthcare software platform that was designed to meet the needs of medical providers working in a clinical setting.

In 2021, Seter exited Sensia Wellness, but retained the proprietary software.

Today, Seter is working to develop the Sensia Tech Portal software. The Software as a Service (SaaS) product provides all the tools medical providers need to meet Occupational Health, Worker’s Compensation, Primary and Urgent Care, and Wellness needs. The HIPAA-compliant, web-based product can handle anything from scheduling to telehealth services.

“I started Sensia Tech initially to offer Wellness services. I utilized a couple of nationally based software programs and found that they were really lacking… So, instead of going out and looking for another wellness software I decided to develop my own,” Seter said. “I have a good feel for the healthcare world, the corporate world, and the occupational medicine world. I have developed a software program that I really feel will service medical providers of all specialties, along with corporate clients.”

The Sensia Tech Portal was created in 2016. “We utilized it for about 40 clients, and found it to be very well received,” he said. “At that point, we decided to expand the software into a full blown electronic medical record, which is where it stands today.”

The expanded software product is in an onsite pilot program and has an anticipated launch date in the summer of 2023. Development is being done by Milwaukee-based Xorbix Technologies.

“A lot of people who are developing software are looking for investors. I really don’t need investors. What I’m looking for is more of a partnership- someone who recognizes the significant opportunity that exists, and the need that the software can fill and can assist me in the sales, marketing, and promotion on a regional and national level,” Seter said.

Seter and the Sensia Tech team are excited to continue to serve healthcare customers. “It frustrates me to think that businesses don’t realize how much power they have to direct and provide healthcare for their employees… They can use that money and spend it very wisely for the benefit of their employees. They can provide a better healthcare delivery model for employees and have healthier and happier employees. Employers are more empowered than they realize.”

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