MKE Tech Coalition’s Award-Winning FUSE Summer Bootcamp is Back

The MKE Tech Coalition is once again offering a unique summer bootcamp experience designed in partnership with an Industry Advisory Board representing HealthTech, FinTech and Advanced Manufacturing companies. 

FUSE teaches students the impact data and artificial intelligence have on industries across Southeastern Wisconsin as well as society, civic life, and the environment. Through the program, students learn the nature, behavior, power, and consequences of technology from a real-world perspective as well as how important diverse backgrounds and perspectives are to the development of technological solutions. Students learn tech skills in Excel and Power BI, Python, etc. and are taught how to capture, discern, and tell a compelling story in order to make informed business decisions and find solutions for civic issues. They are taught how to explain and mitigate unintentional bias in technological solutions.  Students are also given the opportunity to develop peer and professional network connections as they prepare for their future careers.

Students from any major are encouraged to apply.  In 2021, the Coalition received 140 applications from students at over 40 different schools with 87% identifying with a group historically underrepresented in tech.  Admitted students receive a full scholarship to attend thanks to the generosity of the Coalition’s member organizations. 

“According to a 2021 Emsi report, 26% of AI and Machine Learning skills are currently coming from entry level talent. But there are only so many undergraduate degrees that have a focus on these skills, which necessitates a new way of thinking.  Democratizing data and artificial intelligence education is critical.  We wanted to advance that work in WI,” said Laura Schmidt, chief talent development officer at MKE Tech Hub Coalition. “The level of regional collaboration involved in developing and executing this early talent program is a testament to its relevance as we consider how we prepare students for the future of work in a digital economy.”

“This program provides an opportunity for students to access a pre-professional experience that might not otherwise be possible for them.  Those that successfully complete this program show a passion for learning that our companies expect within their early talent pipeline.”  said Schmidt.

For more information about the MKE Tech Hub Coalition and its FUSE program, please visit:  Media inquiries can be sent to Laura Schmidt, chief talent development officer,  Inquiries regarding sponsorships and/or promotional materials can be sent to

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