Dinvy Ascent targets businesses of all size

Milwaukee-based Dinvy, a professional service automation (PSA) software company, has relaunched its signature product.

The company offers professional service automation (PSA) software designed to track time, budgets, projects, and everything else a business needs to manage to be successful.

The epiphany came from their own mission statement.

“One of our mission statements was that we wanted to be accessible. We wanted to be open and we wanted to develop with the feedback of our clients,” Director of Sales Tim Schmitt said.

Since the 2022 launch of the software, Dinvy learned its clients needed more flexibility. The company quickly got to work revamping the product to provide more options for customization and a tiered pricing structure. By doing that, the company expanded its customer base from enterprise-sized companies to any business that tracks time use as part of its operational procedures. 

“We’ve redone the user interface and we’ve redone the user experience to make it simple and streamlined with a focus on flexibility,” Schmitt said.

“We offer three separate platforms,” Schmitt explained.  “Dinvy Ascent is the entry point. You can be a solo-preneur tracking time in a very simple manner, and then you can grow with us as we add features in the future. Grow into Dinvy Alpine, and then grow into Dinvy Summit. We’re climbing the business mountain of excellence and we’re going all the way to the top, together. As you grow your business, we give you more and more flexibility … to customize it exactly the way you want it to be.”

Dinvy Ascent is free to use. 

“We believe in the power of tracking time online. Technology should be able to empower you. We understand that entering into the world of online time tracking is not only difficult but can also be very scary and user adoption can be a problem … we want to reduce the barrier of entry,” Schmitt said.

Marketing Manager, Amanda Stein, is excited to support growing businesses by providing time tracking services at no cost.

Stein was inspired to act when she heard MKE Tech Week’s keynote speaker, Steve Case present in 2022. Case, former CEO and chairman of America Online (AOL) is the author of the best-selling book, The Rise of the Rest: How Entrepreneurs in Surprising Places are Building the New American Dream, explained the impact of high-growth, scalable startup businesses on the economy.

“A lot of our economy is growing because of startups and small businesses,” said Stein. “It’s not the big corporations that have hundreds and hundreds of employees. It’s these small little incubator startups that are creating jobs and really pushing our economy forward. We’re one of those, as well. To be able to have a product for free and support those people was inspiring.”

Dinvy Ascent will launch April 5th. To learn more about this product, visit the website.

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